Mitsubishi Canter Trucks for Tanzania

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 2 ton truck is a popular choice in the Tanzanian market, known for its durability, efficiency, and versatility. Manufactured in Japan, this reliable vehicle has gained a strong foothold in the commercial transportation sector in Tanzania. As an authorized dealer, Car Junction Japan is proud to offer a wide range of Mitsubishi Canter 2 Ton trucks that cater to the diverse needs of businesses in Tanzania.

Mitsubishi Canter is renowned for its robust build quality and excellent performance. Equipped with a powerful engine and a well-designed chassis, this truck offers impressive hauling capabilities while maintaining fuel efficiency. Whether it’s transporting goods within urban areas or navigating rugged terrains, the Canter delivers consistent reliability and performance.

One of the key strengths of the Mitsubishi Canter is its versatility. In Tanzania, this truck is utilized across various industries, including logistics, construction, agriculture, and distribution. Its ability to adapt to different environments and operational requirements makes it a sought-after choice for businesses seeking a dependable transport solution.

As a Japanese-made vehicle, the Canter 2 Ton embodies the hallmarks of precision engineering and technological innovation. The meticulous attention to detail in its design and manufacturing processes ensures that it meets the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficiency. This dedication to excellence is reflected in the truck’s exceptional performance and long-term durability.

Features and Specifications

Mitsubishi Canter comes equipped with a range of features that enhance its usability and driver comfort. From spacious cabins designed for extended periods of operation to advanced safety features, this truck prioritizes both functionality and convenience. Additionally, the availability of different body configurations and customizations allows businesses to tailor the Canter to their specific operational requirements.

Why Choose Car Junction Japan?

Car Junction Japan stands out as a reputable and trusted source for the Mitsubishi Canter in Tanzania. With a commitment to delivering high-quality vehicles and exceptional customer service, Car Junction Japan has established itself as a preferred partner for businesses seeking reliable transportation solutions. Their extensive inventory of Canter trucks offers customers the flexibility to choose from a variety of models, years, and specifications, ensuring that they find the perfect fit for their operational needs.

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Used Mitsubishi Canter Truck 3.0 Ton for Sale

3.0 Ton Mitsubishi Canter Truck 2003 model in Yellow color for sale at a low price. This beautiful, commercial truck is exclusively for the customers of Africa, especially in Tanzania. This Mitsubishi canter is equipped with the 5.2L Diesel engine and manual gear transmission. Car Junction offers high-quality used Japanese commercial trucks in genuine condition.


Make / Model Mitsubishi Canter Type  Flatbed Truck
Year 2003 Colour Yellow
Transmission Manual Gear Engine 5.2L Diesel
Chassis FG82EE Location Dar-es-Salaam
Yellow Mitsubishi Canter for Diplomats


2003 model Mitsubishi Canter for Diplomats
Mitsubishi cars for diplomats

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2007 Mitsubishi Pajero 3.0L in Silver for Sale in Dar es Salam

Mitsubishi Pajero 2007 model in Silver for sale. This beautiful, low mileage Mitsubishi Pajero is exclusively for the customers of Africa. This Mitsubishi car is equipped with 3.0 Petrol engine and auto transmission. Car Junction offer this and other top quality Mitsubishi Cars in genuine condition.


Make / Model Mitsubishi Pajero Type SUV/4WD
Year 2007 Colour Silver
Mileage 101678 km Engine 3.0L Petrol
Transmission Automatic Gear Condition Good
Silver Mitsubishi Pajero for Diplomats
Drive Away Price 35m TSH
2007 model Mitsubishi Pajero for Diplomats
Mitsubishi cars for diplomats

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Used Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter Freezer Truck for Sale

Japanese Used Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter Freezer Truck 2004 model which is On-Route to Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. It has equipped 8.2L Diesel engine and manual gear transmission. This Freezer Truck has 3.15 Ton capacity and long Chassis box available in excellent condition.

Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter Freezer


Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter Truck Specifications

Make / Model Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter Type  Freezer Truck
Year 2004 Colour White
Transmission Manual Gear Engine 8.2L Diesel
Chassis FK71HH Location Dar-es-Salaam
Find Japanese Online Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter Japanese Used Freezer Trucks Low Price used Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter
Fuso Fighter Interrior View Japanese Used Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter Japanese Used Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter Freezer Truck Engine View

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Extra Ordinary Discounts on Imported Vehicles from Japan

Car Junction Tanzania offer special deals for its customers. We are now offering extra ordinary discounted prices on some of our vehicles available in our Dar Es Salaam Stock. We offer Drive Away price for the convenience of our clients in Tanzania. Special deals are available on following vehicles.

Toyota Allion
Toyota Mark II Chaser

Mitsubishi Dion 2002 on extra ordinary Discounted Price

Special Offer on Japanese Used Mitsubishi Dion Wagon 2002 Model

Mitsubishi cars and vehicles are among the popular vehicles in Tanzania. This Mitsubishi Dion 2002 Model wagon is a family vehicle and very comfortable and luxurious wagons that can be used for picnics too. Its 2.0 powerful petrol engine is perfect for use on highways. Its spacious back cabin makes it perfect family vehicle.

This luxurious, beautiful Mitsubishi Dion wagon is available in our Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania stock and we are selling it at a price which you have never thought of. The extra ordinary discounted drive away price is TSh 8,750,000. An opportunity for you to buy this wagaon within your budget.

Japanese Used Mitsubishi Dion Wagon

Drive Away Price TSh 8,750,000

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Mitsubishi Dion
Mitsubishi Wagon
Interior of Mitubishi Wagon
Dion Back cabin
Dash Board of Mitsubishi Dion
Engine of Mitsubishi Dion

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This Mitsubishi wagon has never been used in Tanzania, only used in Japan. Just visit our Yard in Dar Es Salaam, see the vehicle, make payment and drive away in your new Dion. A real gift from Car Junction Tanzania. In your communication with Car Junction Staff use promotion code to avail your special discount on this vehicle.

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Used Mitsubishi Canter Freezer Truck for Sale

Japanese Used Mitsubishi Canter Freezer Truck 2000 available for sale in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam Stock. This Canter Freezer Truck has 2 Ton capacity and long Chassis box available.

Mitsubishi Canter

Used Mitsubishi Canter Specifications

Make Mitsubishi Model Canter
Year 2000 Colour White
Transmission Manual Ttransmission Engine 5200cc
Chassis FE53EC Fuel Diesel


Find Japanese Online Mitsubishi Canter Online Japanese Trucks Exporter Low Price used Mitsubishi Canter
Interrior View Japanese Used Mitsubishi Canter Steering view Japanese Used Mitsubishi Canter Engine View

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Low Budget Japanese Mitsubishi Dion 2002 for Sale

Car Junction offers low price Japanese used Mitsubishi Dion 2002 ready for sale. This used Mitsubishi Dion wagon has 2.0 liter petrol engine and  extra options like Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Power Window, Power Mirror, Alloy Wheels, Anti Brake System, Central Locking, and Dual AirBags.

Used Japanese Mitsubishi Dion Front view

Used Land Rover Discovery Specifications

Make Mitsubishi Model Dion
Year 2002 Colour Golden
Mileage 70268 Engine 2000cc
Chassis CR6W Fuel Petrol


Find Online Japanese Mitsubishi Dion Online Used Mitsubishi Dion Low Price Mitsubishi Dion
Interior view of used Mitsubishi Dion Mitsubishi Dion Steering View Mitsubishi Dion Engine View

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