Import of Japanese Cars in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the top importers of Japanese used vehicles that is very much popular in Tanzania.  We advise all car importers in Tanzania to get the update information on the rules and regulations before importing vehicles from Japan or any other country. The Tanzanian tax authorities charge a higher tax amount on vehicles over ten years old that’s the reason why we recommend not to import vehicles in Tanzania older than 10 years but in special cases older vehicles can be imported.

Usually all vehicles will have to pass through JAAI inspection before shipment to Tanzania but vehicles can be shipped without inspection and Penalties are imposed on those vehicles without inspection certificate.

Most of the vehicles importing into Tanzania use Dar Es Salaam Port but customers or car dealers located in the northern parts of the country occasionally choose Mombasa Port.

Used car buyers and Car Dealers in Tanzania like to buy directly from Japan so that they pay less and buy car of their choice. Car Junction Co. Ltd. is one the oldest and reliable automobile companies dealing in Japanese used cars having its stock in Dar Es Salaam where from buyers can select cars and buy directly. Car Junction also offers its clients to buy directly from Japanese Auto Auctions and import into Tanzania.

For further details about how to buy a vehicle from Japanese Auto Auction and import into Tanzania, please contact Car Junction Co. Ltd.